Parents -- Would you recognize the signs that your child is abusing drugs or alcohol?

Hint: you’ll never catch them drunk or high!

Teenage substance abuse is epidemic in our country today. It causes kids to become out of control and a breakdown in family roles. Discipline and rules fall apart. Parents feel overwhelmed with feelings of powerlessness. They are frustrated by any attempt to stop the behaviors they see in their kids because they do not understand the nature and complexities of substance abuse.

About fifteen years ago, my teenage son, and thus our entire family, became victims of this epidemic, but we decided to fight back! My entire family went through a year-long, full time family-oriented drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in order to save our son and to restore our family.

Saving A Son chronicles the true story of my family’s battle to win back our son. It discloses the roller-coaster ride of ups and downs, the frustrations and the accomplishments, before, during, and after treatment. It always gives an optimistic message to others that both the teen and the family can make positive changes.

To be honest with you, Saving A Son is not a book that anyone would want to write. But, after living through this crisis and seeing my son recover and my family become a family again, I was compelled to write it. I had to tell others that they not only can survive this tragedy but can make it a pivotal point in their lives.

Saving A Son, by Steven R. Markman, ISBN 1-58851-560-5, paperback, 268 pages. Available by special order from any full-service book store or directly from America House Publishing at 1-301-695-1707