As a woodworker, one of my favorite projects is making wood pens and pencils. I make these by hand on a lathe, using an assortment of exotic hardwoods. These pens and pencils are available individually or as a set, with or without a wood box. They make a distinctive gift for that special person.

Kingwood pen and pencil with satin nickel hardware in a maple display box.

Here are some of the woods I use. Many others are available. Pictures left to right are Zebra Wood (alternating stripes of tan and brown), Bolivian Rosewood (medium brown with light grain – very elegant looking), Cocobolo (brown with an orange cast – very formal looking), Bocote (a rich blend of medium and dark browns – very distinctive – my favorite), and Purple Heart (not much grain, but a natural purple color – a favorite with the ladies).

If you have a sentimental piece of wood, I can make it into a special keepsake pen or pencil. Have a piece of wood from the tree you used to climb when you were a kid? How about an old broken wood toy? I still use my grandfather’s hammer (he was a carpenter), but the handle is slowly crumbling where the head attaches. When it gets too short to use, I’ll replace the handle and use the old one to make a very special pen and pencil!

All of my pens and pencils use standard Cross ball-point refills and 0.5mm lead. I make two basic styles of pens and pencils. The first is called European Twist. This is a hefty-sized pen and pencil, very comfortable to hold, and twist to expose the ball point or the lead. The second is called American Slim. They’re a bit finer. The pen twists, but the pencil clicks at the top to expose the lead (don't ask me why - that's the way they make the hardware).

The following picture shows two European and two American Slim sets. The woods shown left to right are Spalt Maple (it’s actually a fungus running through the wood), Hard Pine (I cut this from knots – nice color and random grain, but the sap sometimes continues to ooze out after they’re finished), Zebra Wood, and Bocote. All hardware in these is bright gold. I also can get satin gold, and satin nickel.

The following picture shows five more pens, all with bright gold hardware. The woods are Walnut, Kingwood (alternating stripes of dark brown and a “pinkish” brown), Hard Pine, Wenge (alternating dark brown and black – a very rugged look!), and Purple Heart.

Cost for any pen or pencil is $30 plus shipping (probably only a few dollars within the U.S.) and $60 (plus shipping) for a set. With each set, I’ll throw in a cardboard box (sounds chintzy, but they’re actually fairly nice). Wood boxes, as shown above, are $5 extra, are available in maple, oak, and walnut, and hold either a single pen or a set.

I don’t use an on-line order form, so send me an e-mail through the FEEDBACK button on home page and we’ll work out the details.