In September, 2000, I splurged on myself a little and bought something I’d always wanted, a real MG TD. I never was into antique cars, or even cars for that matter, but I always loved the lines of the MG TD. It was just the classic British roadster. (Roadster, by definition, is a two-seat convertible). I started looking early in 2000, and finally found one late that summer. I then joined the local MG Car Club. BTW, if you own any type of car just for a fun vehicle, find a local club, joint it, and become active in it. You’ll meet a lot of great people and have the opportunity to participate in many fun activities.

I’ll update information from time to time about my red MG TD, serial number TD/3585, built on September 29, 1950. Here are a few pictures.

One of my first car shows, Kettering, Ohio’s Holiday at Home, Labor Day, 2001.

My wife, Helen, and me, at a Friday night cruise-in at a local shopping center.


British Car show at Dayton’s 2nd Street Market, May 2004. Note the nice MG TC behind me.

Concours d’Elegance, Dayton’s premier car show, September, 2006. Note the Award of Excellence on the windscreen!

My Wood Ship Models

Back in the early 1980s, I got tired of building airplane models and tried a wood sailing ship. These kits aren’t for everyone, but I quickly was hooked. You build them plank by plank, just about like the real ones. Although they are a kit, they’re really a kit of raw materials.

I’ve completed five ships as follows:

Swift: completed 1984


U.S.S Enterprise: completed 1986

HMS Beagle: completed 1989

Vasa: August 1989 – August 1995, 553 hours

Sovereign of the Seas: Dec 1997 -Jun 2006, 664 hours

My current project, the HMS Victory, with 166 hours invested so far.  Note all the gun ports, each cut one at a time (the ship carried 104 cannons!).  I still have the other side to go!

HMS Victory stern

If you're sharp, you noticed a 2+ year gap between finishing the Vasa and starting the Sovereign of the Seas.  That's because I started a model of the HMS Victory during that time.  For my 50th birthday, my Dad bought the Sovereign kit.  Since my Dad was 80, I figured I better not wait to begin it, so put the Victory on the shelf for eight and a half years (like I said, these kits aren't for everyone).  I got back to work on the Victory after finishing the Sovereign.

All of these kits are available through a company called Model Expo. You can get their catalog by calling 1-800-222-3876, or through their website,


I began studying TaeKwonDo, the Korean Martial Art, in 1985. In July, 2007, I was promoted to the rank of 5th degree black belt. Testing with me was my instructor of twenty-two years, Master George Bleil, who was promoted to 6th degree black belt. The test was conducted at Kenyon College by Senior Grand Master J.P. Choi of Columbus, Ohio. Pictured below are the students and staff from TaeKwonDo World in Dayton who attended the test and helped us with various portions. I’m the second from the left. Master Bleil is the second from the right. Senior Grand Master Choi is in the center. Master Choi is an internationally recognized authority, running numerous schools in the United States as well as in several foreign countries. It has been a privilege to study with Master Choi and have him deem me worthy of this honor.

Coming soon…

My Koi pond, and home-made maple syrup.